About Us

About Us

University Hospital of Split is a public institution performing specialist-consultative health care, hospital services, scientific research activities in the field of medical sciences and organizes and provides services for teaching at the Faculty of Medicine as well as undergraduate and secondary education in health.

UH Split is the largest hospital centre in Dalmatia, with approximately 3,700 employees. It is the central health institution of the Split-Dalmatia County and the entire southern part of Croatia, and is situated at three locations in Split: Firule, Križine and the City Centre, as well as one location outside Split, in the subsidiary in Zagvozd.

About 1,000,000 citizens of the Republic of Croatia and about 500,000 inhabitants of the southern part of neighbouring Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as 500,000 tourists during the tourist season, gravitate to this regional hospital.

UH Split has 1500 acute and 30 chronic beds, and 24 operating rooms. It also has 15 clinics, 4 clinical departments, 5 departments and 7 sections and sub-sections. A directorate and 9 offices have been set up to perform other tasks.

UH Split annually hospitalizes over 50,000 patients who receive more than 450,000 days of hospital treatment, while the outpatient health care clinic has over 600,000 patients a year who receive more than 2,500,000 services.

The owner of the hospital is the Republic of Croatia, and the rights and duties of the founder are performed by the Government of the Republic of Croatia. The headquarters are in Split, Spinčićeva 1.

The fundamental general act is the Statute, with other acts being the Work Regulations, the Salaries, Wages and Other Material Rights of Employees Regulations, and the Job positions in the University Hospital Centre Regulations.

The governing bodies of the UH Split are the Board of Directors, the Director, the Expert Council, the Professional Board, the Ethics Committee, the Medicines Committee, the Quality Committee, the Internal Oversight Committee and the Nurses College.