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Pohvala, R.B.
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I am writing to thank the doctors and staff who diagnosed and treated my chest infection on arrival at Split on 12 .5.2023. I had been on an eight day cruise from Dubrovnik to Split and over the eight days, a cough had developed into a  lung infection. I was fortunate that the cruise director was able to get me to the Hospital, but once there, what was important was the treatment I received at the hands of your clinicians. As an Australian, I am proud of our health care system. However, I could not have had a more thorough level of care in my home country.  The comprehensive work up with an ECG, Blood Tests, and X-rays, made for an accurate diagnosis, followed by treatment; a nebuliser and i.v. Solumedrol to free up my blocked chest. This meant that before I left the hospital, I was able to breath freely again. Finally, doctor prescribed me medications that would treat the infection and continue to control my symptoms, until I was back home.

Every traveller dreads getting sick in a place where they have no friends or contacts, do not know the language and are ignorant about where to find help. I need not have worried as I had  a friend and the treatment I received was as good as anywhere on the planet. Once more, thank you to everyone involved for rescuing me from a situation that was getting worse by the hour!

Yours Sincerely, R.B.

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